SOAP-MIME-0.55-7 Released

SOAP-MIME-0.55-7, a Perl module extending the attachment capabilities of SOAP::Lite was released earlier this week. Read on for a complete change log.

SOAP-MIME-0.55-7 (Released 16-April-2003)

Relaxed parsing of the start parameter located inside the Content-type header
There could certainly be some debate about this change, especially for those of you who are standards or RFC junkies, but I chose to mirror the functionality of Apache Axis in this regard. Here is the background, the specification IMHO is clear that the start parameter requires angle brackets, but others believe the RFC detailing how content ids should be used (2111) is unclear in this regard which has led some SOAP implementations especially more forgiving low-level SOAP APIs to break more strict toolkits like SOAP::Lite. The set of cases where it would break are rare, but sufficient enough to warrant the change.

Fixed bug around an overlooked unqualified package name
Embarrasingly, this is something I should have caught initially considering I had to make a very similar change to the code on the line just prior to the one this bug was on. But alas, I didn't. But it's fixed now.

Added CHANGE_LOG and INSTALL files to distro
This is really just to be more conventional in regards to Perl modules.