An emerging blog Lexography

After seeing Arin's post on "bloggles" one must wonder if a new lexicon is evolving from blog culture. While the post itself may be slightly tongue in cheek, surely she is touching upon something here...

The word 'blog' [1] [2] [3] itself has an interesting history and anatomy. It has many tenses, as a noun it refers to an online history of web sites that peak one's interest (it often involves commentary on the part of the journaler, a.k.a. "blogger"). As a verb, of course, it refers to the act of making an entry in the aforementioned "journal." The word 'blog' comes from a shortening of the phrase 'web log.'

Found words: blog, blogger, bloggles, blogoversary, blogvana... hell, there is a whole dictionary of blog terms!

Imagined words: blogesteem, blogspiration