It's a small blog-world afterall

It is weird enough when you bump into an old friend on the street, but bumping into them virtually is quite another. Several weeks ago, I followed a link from my friend's blog to The Gothamist - right there on the front door was a post with a picture of someone I swear I knew... a little reading confirmed it: she was indeed an old friend of mine from high school. Now, I keep bumping into references to a project she just recently finished work on called the Julie/Julia Project.

As it turns out, the latest link I found was to an appearance she made on the Early Show (you can even watch the video), in which you even see her husband, Eric, who was a friend and someone I looked up to a great deal way-back-when... I haven't seen them in years - ever since I actually bumped into them quite randomly in the East Village when I just happen to be in New York for a weekend.

But I digress.

I am just wondering how many more friends are lurking out there on the web that I may bump into.