When will we learn?

As many expected, it is looking less and less likely that weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq. Now, it is up to the White House spin doctors to come up with theories on why they will never be found. For example, recently it was postulated that Saddam was bluffing, that he never had WMD, that he was trying to deter the US from invading... Come on, let's be a little more intelligent than that. If anything, Saddam was luring us into war, not detering us from it. He knew that as soon as Americans started dying that American support would waver and he would be well on the path to victory. He wanted another "Vietnam." And while he grossly misjudged how our military strategy would materialize, he was right in some respects: we are now in a quagmire, and he is close to forcing his enemy's overthrow by his own people.