Web Services Iron Chef - COMDEX 2003

It has been over a week since COMDEX 2003. It was the first COMDEX I have ever attended, and I must admit, in all of its enormity, it was pretty disappointing. I guess I really don't care about the latest heat-sink, case-mod or power-supply, or in cell phones, or fax machines. Regardless, the conference was not without its moments. One of which was the Web Services Iron Chef Competition hosted by WOW. I was lucky enough to participate in the competition, which pitched developers against each other in much the same way chefs are in the TV Show Iron Chef; but instead of cooking, we were programming. It was fun, but it was also a fiasco since there was no network connectivity. How on earth was anyone supposed to be able to compete in building Web services applications if there was no way to access the web. It was a miracle that I won.