"Thinking Snow"

majordojo.com/uploads/snow2.jpg">snow2.jpgmajordojo.com/uploads/snow2-thumb.jpg" width="150" height="200" border="0" align="left"/> I have only put in 5 days worth of turns this year (so far) and already they have been some of the best riding days I have ever had. My wife and I just got back from a three day weekend in Tahoe; and while we were there some resorts reported over 7 1/2 feet of snow!

We rode at Northstar where the snow was super-light and fluffy - and with blizzard like conditions much of the time I had a hard time going down the mountain the same way twice - as my tracks kept getting covered up. Which, all things being equal, is ideal. But, all things were not equal of course given the blizzard like conditions.

The last day we were there we went to Tahoe Donner - a small resort I highly recommend, for the following reasons:

  • $35 all-day lift ticket - two people could ride all day for the same price it would cost one person to ride at Squaw Valley
  • No lines
  • No obnoxious teenagers - go to Boreal if you want that
  • Powder hounds all went to the big resorts - which means freshies all day long


I wish I could say the trip home from this weekend was pleasant, but with motorists trapped in Tahoe due to major road closures, a ride that typically takes a little over 3 hours, took 7. Oh well. A small price to pay for a great weekend.