Props to my friends Matt and Dan

I always feel so proud when I manage to get a story posted to slashdot. I really wish I had a merit badge of some kind, with an array of /.'s indicating how many stories I have gotten accepted... But I digress. This post was a nod to some friends who have been working on a really cool new gaming technology.
"Amidst all the crazy ideas in online video entertainment in the past year, there is a small company called Arena Unlimited that is taking an interesting approach to gaming economies. As near as I can tell, they're trying to open up a multitude of online gameplay services (e.g., opponent matching, free market item trading) to the masses (i.e., open source and independent PC game developers). (I shudder to think what would happen if one could actually introduce a legitimate and real free market economy into The Sims.) It's no Xbox Live, and their list of supported games is pretty small, but if they can do all that they say they may one day support, then sign me up."