The Real War in the Middle East

Just the other day I was on my way to work and I saw the following billboard paid for by blueStarPR - the Jewish Ink Tank on the corner of Howard and Fremont in San Francisco:

Seeing it reminded me to what extent the war in the Middle East is just as much a media war as it is a military one. That is largely because Israel knows that without Congress' political support (and thus the people's support) for the Israeli state, then the $3 billion the US sends Israel every year might one day be put in serious jeapordy... and if those funds ever dried up, the Israeli state would quickly be overrun by the Palestinians.

To blueStarPR's credit, they don't censor their message boards - on which many objections and counter view points are voiced. One comment in particular sums up pretty well what bothers me the most about this advertisement campaign:

"My first reaction on seeing the Board this morning was to wonder why the people pictured were soldiers. That was a curious choice, and one that says more about Israel than any carefully focus-grouped terms you slap on there.

I might have gone with an image from one of the many groups that tries to bring Israeli & Palestinian children together to change the cycle of violence that both sides perpetuate."
Well put. What is the advertisement really trying to build support for? A progressive Israeli state, or the US backed Israeli military machine?