Perl is the Dark Side of the Force?!

All these years, and I thought I was using the light side of the force. But alas! I was wrong.
But allow me to rebut: I characterize the process of becoming a Jedi as a process that requires discipline and dedication, a process that can only happen slowly and with a great deal of patience.

Perl is a language that can quickly become ugly and difficult to maintain. It takes a certain degree of knowledge, control, fearlessness, and discipline to keep Perl managable, and elegant. For many, it is only after you have been developing your Perl programming style for years that things begin to click, that your code actually becomes readable and in some rare cases that your code takes on a certain magical quality (especially as you master grep, map, ref and bless). The things you can accomplish, and the time it takes you to accomplish them in Perl, will pale in comparison to the same when compared to a rigid and terse language like Python. Don't get me wrong - I like Python. I don't use it a lot, but I respect it, and I respect the people who write programs using it. But becoming a Jedi is not about simply following the rules or about an idealized form, but about you taking control of something that could easily control you.

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I like perl for its strength and its fabulous libraries. If I cannot become a Jedi, at least I can be a powerful Sith.

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