Greetings from the future...

Where to begin? Where to begin. After a seemingly endless string of flights. We left at 1:30pm on Saturday from SFO. We chased the sun all the way to Tokyo (for 10 hours), then after a 3 hour layover in Tokyo, we left on a 6 hour flight to Bangkok, arriving at 11:30pm the next day. After a night in an airport hotel in Bangkok, we woke up a mere 6 hours later to catch a 9:30am plane to Koh Samui. After an entire weekend of traveling (leaving on a Saturday, finally arriving on a Monday), we arrived at our final destination.

The next 24 hours consisted mainly of Arin and I sleeping and eating. We had lost all concept of time, but at some point yesterday we managed to rally and go for a walk along the beach to explore what was in walking distance. It was intimidating to leave the luxurious confines of our hotel, Za Zen Bungalows, since our taxi ride to the hotel from the airport left us with the impression that Samui was not as beautiful as we were led to believe - as the main road of Samui is a noisy, busy thoroughfare.

Still a little out of it from our naps and jet lag, we walked slowly down Bo Phut Beach. Surely enough, beyond the main road is a peaceful and beautiful beach.

That was yesterday, and today is already coming to a close. I feel like I am leaving out so much, despite only being here for a little over 48 hours; and to be truthful I am. But at this point, my vacation has really only just begun, so there will be plenty of time for me to waste away in Internet Cafes detailing my adventures here.

Despite how wonderful it is here, and how wonderful I feel, I can't honestly say that I have truly let go of everything in The World. Yet. But I can start to feel it slipping away, and it feels great. I am not thinking about what I will do when I return, I am having a hard enough time thinking about what I will do tomorrow.