Let me get this straight...

Tom Ridge had a press meeting on Friday to announce:
  1. That the Department of Homeland Security has found "alarming" evidence that leads us to believe that al Qaeda is planning an attack against the United States.
  2. That the threat could occur on, or around the Presidential elections.
  3. That "we have no specific information" about the threat.
  4. Therefore, we are not raising the Threat Warning Level.
  5. But to counteract this threat, Intelligence Agencies "are actively working to obtain more knowledge" of the threat.
  6. Oh, and we could postpone the national elections.
Oh, I feel I should also remind everyone:
  1. That the Department of Homeland Security was created by the Bush Administration.
  2. That Tom Ridge was appointed by the Bush Administration.
  3. That this threat "warning" (if you can call it that) was released the day after John Kerry pulled ahead in the polls.
I am not saying anything. But I will ask, why is no one holding our Department of Homeland Insecurity to a higher standard? Please someone tell me. Seriously.