Most Disappointing Day Trip... Evah

th_DSCN0313.JPG Yesterday Arin and I embarked on what would be a 14 hour day trip to the Kachanaburi Province outside of Bangkok to go see the Death Railway bridge, made famous (to most Americans) by the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai. I suppose I was expecting more: some grand bridge that would somehow resonate with some Hollywood memory of mine. But when we arrived we discovered that, as it turns out, it is just a bridge.

I am, of course, down playing the tens of thousands of POWs who died building the bridge and the accompanying railway for the Japanese during World War II, which I really shouldn't do. But the bridge itself plays such a small role in that part of this region's recent history when compared to the entire railway span.

From there the train took us to the Soi Yak waterfalls for a swim and lunch. We ate some questionable food there, but we were so tired and thirsty, so it just didn't seem to matter. Only time will tell if we made the right decision to eat at that roadside "cafe."

Then it was back to the train for our trip home. We were supposed to arrive at Bangkok a little after seven o'clock, but arrived around nine thirty. The trip home as long as it was uncomfortable sitting in third class.

As with everything here, I wouldn't change what I did at all, because the experience itself, and the places I end up seeing are absolutely amazing. But if you are ever thinking of taking a "special tourist train" from Bangkok to go see the "Bridge Over the River Kwai," I would caution you to skip the so-called "tour" - which is relatively non-existent for non-English speaking passengers, and just book the train directly. You will have more time at the places that matter to you.