And so ends, "The Summer of Byrne - the Extended Dance Re-mix"

What an amazing summer. It was a summer that was my time. It was time to taste the fruits and let the juices drip down my chin. I proclaimed this: The Summer of Byrne! During which time I spent six weeks to travel with my wife to Asia. And when I got back, my summer had only just begun. Granted, it was already September, but that is hardly the point, now is it?

I started the "Grand Walker Avenue Basement Cleanup Project - 2004," I managed to get plenty of work done on a very neglected project of mine, I redesigned this site, I pet my cat - a lot, I got drunk on a week night, I went to football games, I watched tons of World Poker Tour, Celebrity Poker Showdown, and World Series of Poker and even toyed with the idea of becoming a professional poker player, I, on more than one occasion, stayed up past 2:00 AM, I did yard work (not a lot though because "yard work" involves actual work), and I found an awesome job.

But now, it is all finally coming to a close. When I wake up tomorrow morning, the Summer of Byrne, will be over. A moment of silence please.

But all this leads me to ask, why do summer vacations have to stop when you get out of school? It seems so wrong. Especially now that I have had a summer vacation for the first time in 6 years. Everyone should give themselves a nice long summer vacation - maybe not every year, but certainly every-other-year. The world would be a much better place - surely it would. Right?


Hear hear brother! Preach it! Tell it like it is! Word up.

You want eternal summer vacations? I have one word for you. TEACH.

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