Something to show for all my time off

When I started getting into contributing to open source software, I never anticipated just how much work it might be, and for the discipline it requires. Programming is one thing. Publishing software is quite another. It gives me a new appreciation for those who manage much larger scale projects, then the few I maintain.

SOAP::Lite is by far the largest project I contribute to, and as the project leader, there is a lot of work that must get done on an almost day-to-day basis, including providing support to those who ask questions on the newsgroup and to me directly, fixing bugs, applying patches, and keeping the website up to date. It became so much at one point, that I had to take a break. And before I knew it, a year went by without my doing much at all on the project. The project had become stale, and developers were complaining openly on the newgroup about how stale the source tree had become.

But that has all changed. With all my recent time off I have reinvested in the project and am pleased to be able to announce to developers that there is new software to play with. It was my biggest goal for the past one and half months; of course, I am not done yet, but a beta release is nothing to sneeze at. Especially one this big.