Flattery will get you everywhere...

Holy moly. I released BookQueueToo last week and I never expected it to be so popular. Not that I had so many people download it that my server crashed or anything, but I had more people email me about this seemingly insignificant MovableType plugin than I got emails about SOAP::Lite - and that is saying something. One thing I have kept hearing from people is that they would like to be able to use BookQueueToo to add anything to their queue, including books, CDs, DVDs, video games, etc. Well, I bit the bullet and I did it. It is not completely ready yet, but since there seems to be so many people willing to help me QA and test things, I thought I might do a preview release so that people can start playing around with it. So for all those crazy, bleeding-edge MT users, come and get it. And thank you to all those who have installed BookQueueToo and provided me with feedback. I am here to serve. Keep the feedback coming, and you might just see your suggestion get integrated!

Update: BookQueueToo 1.1 is experimental and is subject to constant change. Don't upgrade unless you simply want a preview!