As if bloggers didn't have a bad enough stigma

Ok, I am already in a bad mood, but my reticulating activation system was triggered by the word "blog" out of the corner of my eye while surfing news sites, and I clicked through. As if bloggers didn't have a bad enough stigma, now we have people blogging television in real time. I am sure this is not a precedent, but at least they could blog something mildly interesting. I can just see the poor blokes watching The Apprentice with their laptops in their laps wildly hitting the refresh button to learn something they could just as easily learn by watching the friggin' show that is playing right in front of them!


Bloggers have a bad stigma?

Yeah, who knew? We conducted a little market research at the company I work for through an independant company and found that many people associate "blogging" with people who:

  • Have too much spare time on their hands
  • Don't leave their house and spend all of their time in front of their computer
  • Think too much about themselves

When asked if they would ever consider blogging themselves, the majority answered "no." What is ironic is that the very same people when asked (paraphrased):

Would you use software that helps you post and share photos, keeps your family and friends up to date with your personal goin-ons, and gives you a forum to say what's on your mind?

The majority said "yes." Go figure.

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