Best Trackback Spam Fighter Ever

I have the pleasure of working with Brad at Six Apart and thus had the fortune of being able to preview Spam Lookup. Ever since I installed it, my trackback spam has all but ceased. And coupled with MT-Blacklist, this plugin has put a huge dent in comment spam as well.

But one of the best features of all it is the uber-comment and trackback management interface. One of the best "features" is the javascript delete confirmation window as opposed to MT's HTML pop-up which just slows down the whole deletion process.

And one thing that is awesome, and really should be in MT-Blacklist as well, is a UI that allows you to test your spam filtering rules. It makes configuring your tool so much easier because you don't have to switch between your weblog and the tool - everything is integrated right there in one place.

Kudos, Brad. Nice plugin. And thank you.