77% of people find blogs useful for shopping

I found an interesting article about a study of where consumers find information about the products they buy.
Respondents said they trusted blogs because they were written by real people and based on actual experiences. The survey suggests that blogs could soon rival other media as sources of trustworthy information about products and services.
In general, blogs are not just a way for companies to build a deeper relationship with their customers through a more personal voice. That same voice is also what lends credibility to the reviews and comments people make of the products they buy. Consumers are looking for unbiased, and honest information, and blogs seem to be a reliable place to find it. Of course, I have a vested interest in such "news." I build Media Manager because I realize that what do most people blog about? They blog about what they consume. Think about it... people consume and then blog about movies, books, news, music, food, gadgets, you name it. And while this site isn't new, it illustrates a point: there are even blogs dedicated to shopping.

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