Announcing MTAmazon32

This isn't the first place I have announced MTAmazon32, but it is the first to announce its new dedicated blog!

MTAmazon32 is a re-packaging of MTAmazon providing a more integrated experience with the Movable Type publishing platform. It integrates with the latest version of Movable Type and takes advantage of all the new plugin hooks available. It offers integrated system level plugin settings, and blog specific plugin settings. It no longer requires administrators to edit configuration files located on the file server. Everything is now done through easy to use MT-enable configuration screens.

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UPDATE: Now updated for MT 3.2. The stickytape holding Acid together consists of the following ingredients. They are all non-GM and good for your digestion. Plugin Version Author MT Blogroll 2.1 Arvind Satyanarayan MediaManager 1.0b8 Byrne Reese MTAmaz... Read More

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