MTAmazon and MTAmazon32 to be merged!

I was contacted by Adam Kalsey today, the owner of the original MTAmazon plugin, to see if I would be interested in taking over development for MTAmazon. The answer was an easy one: yes. Yes I would.


Because I don't think it serves the Movable Type community to have multiple MTAmazon plugins floating around. It is best to consolidate these efforts and plugins, and simply give the community one choice: the best choice.

So in the coming days or weeks - probably with the official release of Media Manager, MTAmazon will officially change hands, and MTAmazon32 will become MTAmazon. Stay tuned... and don't worry, this will continue to be the place for which you will receive news, updates, support and help for all things MTAmazon[32].

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I can't wait to get this installed and running.

Keep up the good work!


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