Finally getting Test Run out the door

I don't know where I find the time to do these things, among the number of projects I actively work on, but yet another Project-by-Byrne has been released. My latest is a departure from my tradition Free software project as I try to convert a relatively popular project of mine into something that might actually help me to afford living in the Bay Area. Test Run is the first fully commercial product I have created. I encourage you to take a tour!.

It is currently in beta, and woe-is-me, it actually has customers. It has been an amazing experience for me as I stitch together a number of different tools (Trouble Ticket Express, PHP List, AdWords, Google Analytics, PHP Users, and a number of other products) to help build a truly complete product for the first time.

And for you open source zealots, because I know you are out there, at least appreciate the fact that I have made Test Run free for use with Open Source projects.

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Dude! That rocks! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to taking a deeper look.

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