Leading Cross Functional Teams

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have worked for two of the smartest people I know, and both of them presented Tuesday night at Haas Business School. Ken's presentation is brilliant, and not just because of its content and message, but because of the strong narrative it creates. There are few presentations I have seen that stand on their own and have no need for an accompanying talking head. This is one of those. But, there is one small bullet I would add to slide #39, "How to get respect from executive." And that is: * create good PowerPoint presentations In fact, in recent weeks, ever since taking on my new role at Six Apart as Manager of Platform Technology, I would say that short, clear and concise presentations have aided me more in getting recognition within the organization than any other single document or contribution. While nothing stops me from walking into Sippey's office with an idea, if it is something I really care about then a presentation, even if the intended audience is only one person, is more effective at keeping my idea focused than spending hours at bed at night rehersing what I want to say. Ken's presentation, like the one's I see Michael give, are (and this will sound dorky), inspirations for improving how I communicate ideas and build concensus around the ideas and beliefs I hold within a company.

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