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Not to long ago I was struggling with the decision of which Digital SLR to purchase. I asked my friends, scoured the Internets, and debated with myself endlessly. Here is the quick round up of the sites that I felt contributed the most to my decision: * Nikon D50 Overview * Digital SLR Image Comparisons - this was incredibly helpful and probably did the most to tip me in favor of the D50 * Engadget's Nikon D50 Review Roundup - for the comments especially * D50 Review - for the side-by-side spec comparison between the D50 and D70 * Ken Rockwell's D50 Review - which helped me to understand the difference between the D50 and D70

Nikon D50
If the round up isn't obvious enough, I ended up going with the D50. Primarily for the following reasons: * many people said the Nikon felt more substantial than the Canon, more "solid" * the price was in the ballpark I expect to pay for a high end SLR * let's face it: I am *not* a professional, and I don't feel the extra couple hundred bucks is warranted so that I can take advantage of a higher shutter speed I am unlikely to use, and better manual control over the f-stop and ISO settings which I am too lazy to use * I already have a Nikon N50 SLR and lens... which biases me a bit towards the Nikon * Reviews tended to say that the Nikons fared much better in low light conditions, and since I hate how flashes tend to wash everything out, this was a big contributing factor So the D50 it was going to be; and right when I thought I had made my decision and I could click the checkout button, I then had to decide on the lens. Oy vey. It was surprising how hard it was to find reviews specifically of the various lens kits available. Nilkon's website led me to belive that the 18-55mm lens kit contained the superior lens. And since it was only a matter of $40 or so, and because the lens seems to have been engineered specially for a digital camera, I figured that to be the most prudent choice. So, that's that. The D50 is in the mail and I can't wait!

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