First MTAmazon 3.0 tagset complete

So I am piecing together MTAmazon 3.0, and the first rough tagset is complete. I wanted to run it by the community and solicit feedback. The model is simple, there will be a container tag associated with each Amazon operation. The following example is a tagset for the “ItemLookup” operation:

<MTAmazonItemLookup ItemId="B00005JNOG">
  <MTAmazonImage size="Medium"><br />
  <a href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>"><$MTAmazonTitle$></a><br />
  Directors: <$MTAmazonItemAttributes name="Director"$>

So is this intruitive to read? How would you like to change this template code?

The other new feature is how each container tag will support any of the other Amazon request parameters as an argument to the template tag. For example, all of the following request parameters are supports as arguments:

  • IdType
  • SearchIndex
  • MerchantId
  • Condition
  • DeliveryMethod
  • ISPUPostalCode
  • OfferPage
  • ReviewPage
  • VariationPage
  • ResponseGroup


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