Flickr finally figured it out

It appears that this is old news now, but today I saw for the first time that Flickr is now allowing users to order prints of the photos people upload. order_prints_helper.gif Well, its about time. For over a year I have been trying to get my family to use Flickr. But truth be told, they simply don't care about how wonderful of an application Flickr is. Because up until now, Flickr was a photo sharing application, and they had no interest in sharing. My sister has been struggling with the fact that while she loves TypePad, her audience (the grand parents) hates it. As my sister posts photos of her daughter, the grand parents have absolutely zero interest in emailing their friends about the photos, or commenting on the photos, or attaching a photo note, or building a community of friends and family, or any of the things that have attracted me to Flickr. They want one and only one thing: to order prints. Because in their worlds, that is the one and only way to share prints: take them out of your wallet and hand them over. My sister has been sticking with TypePad I think out of a sense of obligation, and she has almost left the service more than once for Kodak Easy Share to appease her most important constituency. But now, I can finally and confidently recommend Flickr to her one last time. I will hate to see her leave TypePad, but perhaps I can convince her to stay because she can easily put her Flickr Photos in her sidebar...

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