Introducing a Sidebar Manager for Movable Type

Let me say Happy Holidays to the Movable Type user community. Thank you for helping to create one of the best and more extensible blogging platforms today. As a special holiday gift to the Movable Type users, I have just release a new plugin: a Movable Type Sidebar Manager. sidebar.png
Using this plugin, Movable Type users can install, select and order all of their weblog's sidebars and sidebar widgets crazy-easily. Just create a new sidebar, give it a name, populate it with the widgets you want, and then order those widgets within that sidebar. Sidebar Manager is not exclusively a user facing product. It is a platform for other Movable Type developers to build widget plugins on top of. For example, you can create a plugin whose sole purpose is to install a template module or "widget" to a person's weblog providing users with a configurable Google Map, or a countdown to the next Harry Potter movie, or you name it. Anyway, be warned... it is an alpha version. It works (I wouldn't release it if I didn't) but it does have bugs (report yours here).

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