Introducing a Sidebar Manager for Movable Type

I have been a Movable Type user for years now, and an active plugin developer on the platform for over a year and a half. I have routinely tried to recruit my friends at work to build this plugin. Then one day I was speaking with a partner at work, and made the mistake of overselling the as of then unmade Sidebar Plugin. They wanted to use it to more easily install a cool little widget in someone's blog automatically. Then they wanted a way for the user to be able to place that widget among other widgets they may already have installed. In a way, this is not a "plugin" per-se. Perhaps a more aprapos label would be a "plugform." Because Sidebar Manager is not just a plugin, but a platform as well. Ok, "plugform" is lame. We will drop that. But the idea is not only to make it easy for users to manage their sidebar widgets, but also provide a platform for other plugin developers to create widgets for the platform, that in turn users can arrange using the widget manager. In any event, Sidebar Manager is now available for download!

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