Screw it, I will release the Photo Gallery Plugin too

It has been a busy week. A very busy week. I released the Movable Type Sidebar Manager plugin only 24 hours ago, and I have already received a ton of interest it by users and developers alike. The release of this latest piece of software leaves me wondering why I do it to myself. It brings my active project count to an almost unmanageable, unsupportable sum. Let’s see, there is:

  • Test Run (my biggest obsession) - a test planning tool optimized for agile development processes
  • Media Manager - a popular Movable Type plugin that enables users to manage a list of products from Amazon and to write reviews about them
  • MTAmazon - a cornerstone Movable Type plugin I took over from the talented Adam Kalsey.
  • Sidebar Manager - the latest tool to be added to the Web 2.0 widget fray.

And since I obviously seem to enjoy creating work for myself, I see no reason why I shouldn’t announce and promote a plugin that has been only available to ProNet members for far too long: Movable Type’s premiere Photo Gallery Plugin, one of the last missing pieces to the Movable Type platform.


I created the Photo Gallery plugin after I discovered an amazing set of photo gallery templates designed for Movable Type. However, installing Stop Design’s templates was onerous at best, and only achievable by the most advanced MT user.

I wanted to change that. So I created the Photo Gallery plugin to automate the installation process for Stop Design’s awesome photo gallery templates. Plus, I added a fully integrated photo uploading tool which uploads photos and resizes them to the proper proportion. I tried to address all of the issues that were slowing the adoption of perhaps one of the coolest things I have seen on Movable Type. Without a doubt, these templates are the most professional, polished and refined photo gallery templates on the web. It was a shame that more people couldn’t use them.

Hopefully this plugin will fix that.

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It would be really interesting to know how you took the photo templates and made a plug-in out of them.

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