Movable Type Widget: Reading List

The following requires that you have Media Manager installed, and if you are using a more recent version of Media Manager, this widget may have been installed for you. This widget displays a list of books labeled with a status of “reading” and links them automatically to Amazon.

Template Code

Use the following code and create a new template module called “Sidebar: Reading List”.

<div class="module-archives module">
  <h2 class="module-header">Recent Posts</h2>
  <div class="module-content">
    <ul class="module-list">
      <MTBookQueueEntries catalog="Books" status="reading" sort_order="descend" lastn="2" sort_by="modified_on">
      <li class="module-list-item amazon-list-item"><MTAmazon method="Asin" search="[MTBookQueueEntryISBN]">
      <a href="<MTAmazonLink>"><img src="<MTAmazonImage shadow="right" size="medium">" border="0" alt="<MTAmazonTitle>" /></a>
      <p><a href="<MTAmazonLink>"><MTAmazonTitle></a><br />by <MTAmazonAuthor></li>

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