MTAmazon 3.0 Alpha 2 Released

The next version of MTAmazon is coming along nicely. I am almost at feature parity with the current version. All that is left to is plumb MTAmazon into Movable Type’s installation/upgrade process so that its database schemas are managed automatically (a feature that will be found core in Movable Type 3.3). In any event, the alpha is available for download.

What’s New in Alpha 2

There is still no documentation, but I think the tag system is pretty straight forward. MTAmazon surfaces a tag for each supported method. The arguments for each tag correspond to the parameters defined by Amazon in their Web Services API Documentation. This gives unprecedented control and flexibility over the results you receive from Amazon.

In Alpha 2, here are the methods I currently support:

  • <$MTAmazonItemLookup$>
  • <$MTAmazonItemSearch$>
  • <$MTAmazonSimilarityLookup$> new
  • <$MTAmazonListLookup$> new
  • <$MTAmazonListSearch$> new

Plus I have added the following new template tags:

  • <$MTAmazonListId$>
  • <$MTAmazonListType$>
  • <$MTAmazonListName$>
  • <$MTAmazonListURL$>

If you have not used Amazon’s new Wishlist user interface, this maybe the perfect opportunity. Build lists of items at Amazon, and then display them on your blog. Of course you can also use Media Manager to achieve this, and you are encouraged to do so - if that is you want a more integrate experience with the Movable Type Platform.

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