MTAmazon 3.0 Alpha 1 Released

Without further ado - here is the MTAmazon 3.0 alpha release (unix, windows). I stress alpha because the plugin comes without documentation of any kind. Intrepid hackers will have a little creative backwards engineering to do. On the other hand, I suppose however that the good news is that the best reference manual for this plugin is Amazon itself. Refer to Amazon’s API Reference for a list of supported template tag arguments for each of the currently supported method: ItemSearch and ItemLookup. Each request parameter can be entered into the template tag as an argument, providing the most flexibility possible.

But I guess I shouldn’t leave everyone totally high and dry. Keep reading for a few sample template code excerpts and installation instructions to get you started.


Installation of MTAmazon is simple - copy the MTAmazon archive file into the same directory as mt.cgi and unzip it. If you are installing this manually or via FTP just be careful to create the necessary directories in your plugins folder first.

Item Lookup Example

<MTAmazonItemLookup ItemId="B00005JNOG">
  <MTAmazonImageTag size="medium"><br />
  <a href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>"><$MTAmazonTitle$></a><br />
  Directors: <$MTAmazonItemAttributes name="Director"$>

Item Search Example

<h4>Star Wars</h4>
<MTAmazonItemSearch SearchIndex="DVD" Keywords="Star Wars" lastn="3">
  <p><MTAmazonImageTag size="medium"><br />
  <a href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>"><$MTAmazonTitle$></a><br />
  <MTAmazonIfItemAttribute name="Director">
    Directors: <$MTAmazonItemAttributes name="Director"$><br />
  Price: <$MTAmazonPrice$><br />


If you have problems or feature requests, submit a help ticket.

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