Want to take your Perl knowledge to the next level?

For those who live in the Bay Area and are interested in taking their Perl knowledge to the next level beyond Perl’s basic syntax, I am teaching a course in “Intermediate Perl Programming” at UC Berkeley Extension. This is a class I have taught before after students who took my Introduction to Perl Programming class had so much fun. If you are interested, by all means sign up. If you are unsure, attend the first class for free!

Each class I introduce students to a new Perl module. Over time we begin to gather all the pieces needed to build a relatively complex Perl application that utilizes all of them. Here are the Perl modules students will be introduced to over the course of this five week class:

  • CGI - a module that automates the tasks necessary to create an online Perl application
  • LWP - a set of modules to assist web automation
  • DBI - a Perl module providing an interface to databases
  • XML::Simple - a module that makes parsing XML files… well, simple
  • Perl’s Template Toolkit - a module that makes creating templated content (like HTML, or text forms) a piece of cake

In addition, students will also learn:

  • How to use CPAN
  • Get a primer in SQL syntax
  • Learn how the Internet applications work

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