Movable Type Widget: Technorati Search

technosearch.png Thanks to Niall Kennedy for sending me this cool Technorati widget. This widget includes a Technorati search box with an option to search only the current blog or all all blogs in the Technorati database. It also provides a link to the Technorati search results for the current blog’s URL (example). There are no prerequisites for this plugin, and I intend to include it in the release of the next version of Sidebar Manager.

Template Code

<div class="module-archives module">
  <h2 class="module-header">Technorati</h2>
  <div class="module-content">
    <div id="technorati">
      <form id="ts_s" method="post" action="">
        <legend><a href="">Technorati</a> search</legend>
        <input type="hidden" name="sub" value="searchlet" />
        <input type="text" id="ts_search" name="s" size="12" maxlength="255" value="" /><br />
        <input type="radio" checked="checked" name="from" id="ts_yb" value="<$MTBlogURL$>" />
        <label for="ts_yb" title="<$MTBlogName$>">this blog</label>
        <input type="radio" name="from" id="ts_www" value="" /> <label for="ts_www">all blogs</label>
        <input type="submit" class="btn" value="Search" />
      <p id="ts_l" class="ts_l"><a href="<$MTBlogURL$>" id="ts_lh">&#187; Blogs that link here</a></p>

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