A new logo for Atom?

I have no idea what inspired Mena, but she took it upon herself to design a new logo for the Atom protocol and syndication format, and it’s hot.


Who knows if it will be adopted by the Atom community, but it certainly gets my vote.

She also created a couple of different variants on the design:


And was gracious enough to provide me with the source graphics for it as well:

I would love to hear what people think. And keep in mind, this is not a logo to replace the now ubiquitous Firefox Feed Icon, this is something for use on the Atom website etc.

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Byrne sent me this link that shows off some atom logos that we are playing around with. The muse graced Mena and she came up with some really cool designs.... Read More

The RSS Blog上推荐文章,mojordojo在blog中说Mena为Atom协议设计了一个新Logo: 同时还针对这个新Logo做了相关延伸设计,以适应在不同场合中使用Atom图标: 如果该Logo被Atom社区采用,其反应一定是... Read More


I'm very impressed. It is a really clean and crisp design.

Really cool designs, I especially like the black option without a background.

Is it a joke, or an unintentional collision?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchist_symbolism "The anarchy symbol that most people are familiar with ... consists of the capital letter "A" surrounded by a circle." "The anarcho-punk movement unofficialy uses the "sloppy" or "stylized" circle-A."

There's also five circles around the edge reminiscent of a like a pentagram. This could be a new game: find the signs of evil in the Atom logo.

Hm... not a huge fan. A little too busy. It needs to be a bit simpler. I don't think it will scale well.

The question is, when can we all start using it? I know I'd like to toss this logo on my blog now.

Really cool designs,I love the logo too.good!

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