An idea man.

As I sit here at 11:38 feeling the pressure of midnight while trying to think of something to write about for this 4th day of NaBloWriMo, I hit myself for giving my wife all of my good blogging ideas.

But that is ok. Because, you see, I am an idea man.

So what better thing to write about? But one of my "ideas." It is not a new idea, but rather an idea I have been working on for quite sometime. At times I would the fleeting feeling that I was almost done. But most of the time I have felt like the end will never come.

But in the past week, I feel as if I have finally turned a corner. When I look at Test Run in development I really like what I see. For the first time really. The app is really coming together. It’s actually fun to look at, and getting easier and easier to use.

Test Run Screenshot

Plus, I have a to-do list that is finally getting shorter and shorter as opposed to longer and longer. That alone feels good.

But, my job as a Product Manager has taught me never to attach a date to these types of things, until you know – until you really know – when you will be done. When you will ship. So I will bite my tongue – despite the fact that I have a date in my head, and it actually feels realistic.

I think I just jynxed myself. Shit.

Oh well, only time will tell; and one day I will link back to this post in order to either prove that my instinct was right, or to reference yet another delusional moment I had about Test Run.

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