Join me at the Global Movable Type Hack-a-thon!

28676433_63d2cc8709.jpgThis coming Tuesday I am organizing a Movable Type Hack-a-thon at the Six Apart offices. A "hackathon" is an event in which a bunch of engineers get together and each commit themselves to build something. Anything. Whatever they want. And in this case, we will all be hacking on MT in some way shape or form.

While I have attended several Six Apart hackathons, this will be the first one in which I am participating. So you can imagine my excitement, as it has become a rare treat for me to have time dedicated to hacking on Movable Type plugins (although I am sure my wife will disagree with that statement).

The hard part now is deciding what to build. So please, if anyone has an idea or feature they would like to see in Movable Type please leave a comment to let me know.

If you are an engineer then please join us, we would love to have you. If you are a friend of mine, please help me promote the event by blogging about it, or adding a badge to your website.


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How about a versioning plugin that hooks into subversion or cvs? Extra credit if you can check out old revisions for republishing.

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