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Earlier this week I had the opportunity at the Movable Type Hackathon to dust off some of my "old" plugins and start working on them again. The plugin I chose to work on? Why Plugin Manager of course.

It gives me great pride having had so many developers and users tell me how much they loooooove this plugin. It makes all of their lives simpler because it completely automates the installation and upgrade process for Movable Type plugins. Developers like it because they no longer need to support plugin installation, users like it because they never have to go to the command prompt again and businesses love it because it keeps their Movable Type installation up to date with the latest software automatically.

This release is the first of many upcoming enhancements to the Plugin Manager framework, and is less the result of my work during the Hackathon and more of a product of other's people's work who were building on top of Plugin Manager and my need to support them. But as long as I was addressing their issues from the hackathon, I thought I would tackle a number of other issues I have been meaning to deal with for some time: like more verbose error messages and a sanity check process so that users can recheck their setup and make sure that Plugin Manager is still able to perform all of its needed functions.

Then, in the not too distant future, code.sixapart.com will receive a number of enhancements that will give any plugin stored there instant Plugin Manager compatibility. Developers will no longer need to worry about creating builds, manifest files and plugin descriptors. All of it that will be automated. Plugins will even receive a simple homepage with built instructions for how to download and install their plugin.

The goal being of course to make it easier and easier for developers to build on top of the most advanced blogging platform on the market.

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