Things I have been digging recently

  • I have been following the laptop battery recall with great interest. Of all the coverage I have been exposed to, I have yet to see a really good video of the real risk at hand. Then I found this video on YouTube. Granted, the circumstances are manufactured, but the footage is extraordinary. It is amazing to think how much power is stored in one of these things.

  • Arin always gets frustrated when I am driving TiVo, because if I will always go back to watch two things: a movie trailer, or an Apple “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ad. Then I found a whole series of spoofs – which are hilarious.

  • Could I have a new favorite truck? Yes, I actually have a favorite truck. $5 dollars to the person who can find a picture of one of those vehicles whose sole purpose is to move concrete highway dividers from one side of the road to the other, simply by driving over them.

  • Most addictive flash game ever.

  • I think this technique is a bit over used right now, but I love me a good Photoshop tutorial.

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FYI, your links in this post are very broken. Cool stuff, otherwise.

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