Is your Movable Type software Plugin Manager enabled?

Recently I relaunched Plugin Manager's website. The new website has an awesome new design, compliments of Jesse, and perhaps most important to my users, it also has completely revised and updated documentation.

The relaunch inspired a lot of people to try out Plugin Manager, and many others to upgrade their currently installed version. With all the increased usage I had a number of people ask me, "how do you know if a plugin is supported by Plugin Manager?"

Sadly, I didn't have a very satisfactory answer for them... that is, until now.

I am now actively encouraging all developers who support Plugin Manager to add one of the newly created badges to their website signifying that their software is compatible with Plugin Manager. If adopted, this will go a long way in helping users identify which plugins they can use with Plugin Manager.

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I downloaded it and it says an upgrade to 1.0.5 is available... but MT is endlessly "upgrading it" and not completing. Your site shows 1.0.4 as the latest.

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