One, Two and Three Column Templates for Movable Type

I have long been advocating the adoption of an HTML and CSS standard for blogs. Movable Type has forever made its default templates that utilize just such a standard available on its website. But you will only find the "two-column-right" template variant there.

So, I have taken the liberty of creating more default templates for Movable Type that conform to all the layout variations of the standard:

  • One Column Layout
  • Two Column Left Layout
  • Two Column Right Layout
  • Three Column Layout

I am not sure if majordojo will remain the permanent home for these templates and files (ideally we should move these into the core of Movable Type or into a plugin), but for the sake of getting them out there for people to use, I just wanted to zip them up and put them somewhere.

So, here they are (or find them subversion).


Thank you for taking this step Byrne. Hopefully this should accelerate the checking in for my column switcher for StyleCatcher!

Yes, thank you so much for creating these. I've long thought about it, but never managed to get around to it. Many will appreciate this resource!

Beautiful timing Byrne. I was just starting to go looking for what I would need to produce these for a number of clients when I came by here from your Pronet 'Cutline' post!

The impetus was clients seeing 3-column options in Stylecatcher and not realising they needed to adjust templates, not just CSS, for the choice to work.

Much appreciated.


How do I switch from 2 columns to 3 columns after I've installed and setup a blog?

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