Major Relaunch of Majordojo's Plugins

It is with a great sigh of relief that I am finally able to announce a major relaunch of [almost] all of Majordojo's Movable Type Plugins. This relaunch is primarily focused on improving the resources and documentation of the plugins. It was a marketing exercise for me in how I might be able to increase the adoption and usage of my plugins purely through a web site's design.

Majordojo Plugins

My belief is that so many great plugins go relatively unnoticed because people simply don't understand what they do, what problems they solve and what value they provide. My plugins were no exception. But I wanted to try and put an end to that by focusing on documentation and a solid design for each plugin.

I won't even pretend to think that I am a designer, much less a good one. So for help I turned to Jesse, whom I have worked with on numerous occasions and have grown to respect a great deal. Jesse is a rising star in the Movable Type Designer community so I was honored when he agreed to help.

The result of our collaboration is over six months in the making. And while I am still not 100% complete on the redesign (Promote This and Widget Manager still need to have content built out for them), I wanted to unveil the new sites and begin collecting people's feedback. So please check out the following sites and leave a comment telling me what you think. And remember, all feedback is good, whether is it positive or negative.


Congratulations! Success for you!

Looks great! Any idea when Media Manager will be updated? There are some bugs that I'm still waiting for to be fixed, such as tagging . . .

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