I'm on Galactica Watercooler!

Not satisfied with watching Battlestar Galactica once on Friday, sometimes a second time on Sunday, and then listening to Ron Moore's podcast on Monday on my way to work, I took it upon myself to scour the Internet for additional doses of Galactica that I might indulge in from time to time.

I listened to a number of podcasts produced by the community and stumbled upon one in particular that I have been listening to ever since. At the beginning of every podcast they give out their phone number and invite listeners to call in with their comments.

Then, one day while walking to work, I called in. And this morning, while listening to Galactica Watercooler Podcast #25, I heard myself played back to me. It was trippy. And flattering. And the geek in me was smiling all the way to work.

Listen to the podcast now (I am about 11 minutes in):

Message to the Watercooler folks: don't worry, I wasn't driving. That would be foolish. I was walking across the street in heavy traffic not looking where I was going.

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