Weekend Hacking on Test Run

This weekend Arin took Harper to Los Angeles to visit parents/grandparents and for Harper to get his first haircut. Dad stayed home to do a few chores, order lots of pizza, stay up late watching television, and of course: hack.

I worked on a new feature for Test Run: allowing users to reorder test cases however they want. I wanted to make this process as intuitive and as painless as possible, which ruled out the typical approach to this problem: having an editable sort key in a form input field of some kind. Such an approach would be far too cumbersome and annoying.

Enter Yahoo's YUI libraries, specifically their drag-and-drop library. Yahoo's toolkits really couldn't make implementing these kinds of features easier. These open source javascript libraries make simple hackers like me, look, well, extraordinary. Thank you Yahoo. I owe you one.

Of course I could tell you about this new feature, or I could simply show you:


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Nice work, Byrne... I sure wish Netflix would discover the Yahoo libraries...

ok wait... she took Harper to LA for his first haircut? What, is she taking him to Jonathan Antin?


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