It's a Whole New World: Movable Type 4.0 Launches

Earlier tonight we released Movable Type 4.0. It is hard to describe the feelings I have for this release, perhaps because it is 2:30am and I still am online reading the reviews coming out; but most likely because this is a release that is intensely personal for me. Not just because I am the Product Manager of Movable Type, but because this is a product I really do love.

And this is not an ordinary release either. I really do see this as a rebirth for the product and platform. One could just look at the product to see what I mean:


We knew from the start that MT4 could not be "just another release." It had to be something truly significant. We wanted our users to feel something similar to what people must have felt when upgrading from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X.

But there is a much, much bigger story here: and that is everything we have done around and in support of the product. A new design for the application was one thing, but we wanted to take a fresh look at everything. That is why we also:


I am writing this post in Movable Type 3.35, and it may very well be the last one I write using this version of the software. A part of me is nostalgic about it, but now that I have become so accustomed to MT4, I am mostly frustrated by the tool. Movable Type 4.0 is light years ahead of its predecessor not to mention any other blogging tool on the market.

I am so proud.


Congrats Byrne. I forgot to say it on the pronet list.

You played a fundamental role in helping create the best work we've ever done in the 6-year history of the product. I'm incredibly proud of the whole team, but just profoundly impressed by your work here, and hope you're as extremely proud of your efforts as you should be. :)

LOL... Wordpress is better

I realize that as the PM of MT4, you have to say things like "Movable Type 4.0 is light years ahead of [...] any other blogging tool on the market.".

What I wonder though is how you plan on backing that up?

What makes MT4 better, for personal use, than say Wordpress or DasBlog.

What makes MT4 better, for multiple users, than say ExpressionEngine?

just curious.

I have installed MT4.0 on a test site; but the widget area seems a lot more complicated than WordPress. Am I missing something or do you have to go in and move all the codes around?

Congrats on the launch, I have been with MT through 3 versions now and look forward to upgrading to this new version, but the big thing I use now is Mediamanager and I want to make sure it will work with 4.0. Have you done any testing with it?

Media Manager users are going to be really excited about the next version. Media Manager 2.0 will integrate seamlessly with MT's built asset management framework so that books, DVDs and even kitchen appliances are managed right along side images, video, audio files and other media in your system.

This release is quite impressive. I would like to urge folks to give it a shot. I am quite impressed. Congrats, Byrne, on an excellent release!

Full Speed - thank you so much. Hearing users like you encouraging others is the biggest single motivating factor I have. I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished. I keep hearing report after report after report of people switching from all sorts of platforms to Movable Type, and they are switching (I think) because friends and people like you are encouraging them to do so. So thank you - thank you - thank you!

Congratulations on MT4 launch.

Over the years I have used various blogging platforms, and never found one I was completely happy with, even ones I designed myself. I always felt 'something was missing." It was as if I was being forced to use a Windows based platform when I knew there was something better out there — my Mac. :)

Having used MT3 on a visit to a colleagues office, I was immediately smitten.Maybe this is THE blogging platform I have been looking for.

I had a major no-commercial project in the pipeline which would involve a need for numerous blogs on our own servers so I decided to wait until MT4 was available before I switched over to it.

I read all the reviews, followed all the pre launch beta testing comments and marketing hype with anticipation, and finally took the plunge and downloaded MT4 this week.

I am no whiz at the technical side of server management, but I would consider myself a bit more technically savvy than the average man/woman who would wish to use MT4.

Here are the results to date of my attempts to get up and running with MT4 out of the box.

Ran MT system check on server. Server returned as having all the necessary requirements and being OK for running an installation of MT4.

Set up a MySQL database (DBD::mysql & perl modules ) for MT use.

I uploaded Movable type via FTP to the server using my Mac ftp client. (Fetch)

MT4 setup wizard said that as server will not allow it to run from cgi_bin. directory it had to go in other directory. I moved it.

I then had to change all the necessary permissions on .cgi files to 755 so they executed.

This got the MT installer wizard to start. The wizard then told me that one of the MT Folders ( mt-static) had to be put outside the main MT folder so it could be on accessible webpath to run.

However, no matter where I put it, the wizard could not find it, even though the web path address to it is correct. ( I can find it by putting webpath url in browser and get “mt-static OK” message )

I then tried editing the mt-config.cgi file. This did not work either.

I have a much better than the average server hosting account with one of the top providers in Europe. ( Unlimited number of domains/unlimited domain size/unlimited data transfer with full access and control)

The current thought — according to a Server support engineer — as to why MT4 will not install properly was that.

"MT was trying to connect to server through Port 80 which is dis-allowed".

End result? I still do not have MT4 to use. But I am not — yet — fully disheartened. I have now ordered a "paid for" installation from MT4.

This will make it an expensive "free" solution, but if my expectations are realised it will be worth it. Watch this space :)

@David - this is something I have encountered as well, and it is something we plan on fixing. Sometimes mt-static cannot be detected by the code/javascript that is doing the detecting. But it is there! Ug. So I want to offer a way for users to simply Ignore the warning and proceed.

One can, if they wish, skip the wizard. You can edit the mt-config.cgi-original file and rename it to: mt-config.cgi. That too will work and can actually be much faster for some.

@Byrne: kitchen appliances?!?! Does that mean that I can finally schedule that less than fun chore of doing dishes :D Or will that be a pack along the lines of the community and enterprise packs?

Any timing on Mediamanager 2.0? I know you just spent a lot of time on MT 4.0 so I can understand that it might be a while, but I was just looking for a ballpark. :) Thanks!

As a matter of fact... yes. Media Manager 2.0 is almost complete. Although it is a substantial reworking of the code base because MT4 makes much of its old code obsolete. I am going to be bold with the release I think and not make it backwards compatible. It may also lose some of the more minor features in light of the fact that some of its features can and should be handled by other existing plugins. But stay tuned to this blog - I will make alphas of it available soon.

The TypeKey system for creating and authenticating users for Six Apart products continues to require solving a CAPTCHA that fails to reasonably accomodate blind and visually impaired users. We were promised over a year ago that this would be fixed. Please tear down this "no blind people allowed" sign right away.

@Darrell - MT4 was architected using an extensible captcha system because we knew that captchas can be incredibly polarizing. Our system, unlikes others, allows for developers to define a plugin to MT their own comment challenge system. Then administrators can choose which one they want to use on their blog.

In time we we will give preference to a captcha system that is more accessible. But our initial focus was placed upon the framework itself...

Where is MT4 or MTOS' public bugtracker (if any)?

We have not had an opportunity to deploy a public bug tracker yet. We are currently n the process of evaluating our options. Do you have a favorite bug tracking system to recommend?

Trac! It's heads and tails above Bugzilla, it's easy to use, it uses WikiFormatting for all bugs, comments, etc., it's got a built-in RSS feed for any search, it's nice looking...

Congratulation on MT4 Lauch and thanks for your great work.

I just installed MT4 for my other blog on The installation was smooth and everything seems to work properly.

But i got a problem with my commenting system. It can't be displayed. Also i can't read the article in extended page. Why could it happen?

Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks

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