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Today and tomorrow I will be attending An Event Apart in San Francisco. I have attended more then my share of geeky technology conferences, but this will be my first geeky design conference.

One of the things I have found working with my friends and coworkers over the past couple of years is that I know very little about design. This may not come as a surprise to people who know me, but it was actually something that surprised me. I found that I am like so many people in the Internet industry: I confused the difference between knowing what works and what I think looks good, with knowing how to actually design something.

Granted a two day design conference won't turn me into a designer (much less a good one), but perhaps it will help me articulate better what I think looks good to the designers I work with.

By the way, if you are attending the conference, please drop by and say hello. I am the only one wearing a Star Wars t-shirt (black). And I thought I would by cool wearing it.

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