To Niall: Please make more podcasts like this

At first when I heard Niall Kennedy introduce his 19 year old sister as the person he would be interviewing in his latest podcast I thought he must be getting desperate. In the past he typically interviews an Internet professional of some kind inquiring about their products and businesses. So I was skeptical going in, especially as his sister got comfortable with the idea of being interviewed. But what followed was perhaps one of the most interesting podcasts I have heard in a while as it provided real insight into the mind of a Facebook user. As a product manager, and as a product manager at a company that produces products like LiveJournal and Vox this couldn't be more relevant to me. Of course it was especially interesting to hear her tell of how as she transitioned from one phase of her life (high school) to another (college) that her social groups and the tools she uses to engage with them change as well. Niall covers topics like:

  • Her willingness to tolerate advertising
  • How she discovers the groups she joins
  • Her feelings about privacy
  • Why she joins the groups she does
  • How she feels about "sponsored groups"
  • How she has transitioned to and from products like LiveJournal, MySpace and Facebook

I sincerely hope Niall produces more podcasts like this one, but to focus on a variety of different applications and user types. If, for example, he could interview users of LiveJournal, MySpace, Pounce and others in a similar fashion it could make for a very useful series. In time it could also become an hugely valuable resource for other product managers and marketers - a resource I may consider paying for. Although I much prefer that they are free.

His podcast is 30 minutes in length.

Listen to this Facebook usage podcast directly on this page using Flash Player.

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