YouTube and Flickr support comes to Media Manager

In yesterday's hackathon I took another whack at Media Manager 2.0 adding support for two of the web's most popular media sharing services, Flickr and YouTube.

flickr_logo.png YouTube logo.JPG

I have yet to update the documentation for these new services, so here are a few things you should know.

Media Manager 2.0 Menu Screenshot 1. YouTube support requires no special configuration. Yay YouTube! 2. Flickr support requires that you register for a Flickr API Key, that you will input into your System Preferences for the Flickr plugin. Once that has been setup, you need to go to your profile, select "Flickr Auh" and authorize your MT blog to access your Flickr account.

Flickr support still needs a lot of work - especially in the search area. But this is likely to get overhauled a great deal as Media Manager because more of a framework for supporting third party media integration with MT.

The download/build below is an early build for which I have done very little testing. If you are a brave soul I would really appreciate your help and feedback in downloading and testing it.

» Download Media Manager 2.0 Beta 2.

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I configured the plugin at the system level with the API key and secret.

I went to my profile and hit the authorize link but it takes me to Flickr and Flickr no like.

Gives me:

Oops! Flickr can't find a valid callback URL. An external application has requested your login credentials and permission to perform certain actions on your behalf, but has failed to include all the required data.

Brandon, make sure you setup your Flickr endpoint to point back to your Movable Type installation. Set your API key to be bound to a web application, and set the callback URL to point to your mt.cgi script with a mode of "flickr_authed" -- for example:


With You Tube, it works flawlessly. Flickr, on the other hand, keeps telling me it canĀ“t find no photos. I have plenty though.

More documentation needs to provided. That is for sure. I am sorry Jose you had to be my guinea pig. To use Flickr, one needs to:

  1. acquire an API key from Flickr

  2. Set the authentication type for the API key to "Web Application"

  3. Set the call back URL for the API key to "".

  4. From within Movable Type, edit your profile by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner.

  5. Select "Flickr Auth"

  6. Follow the steps outlined there and you should be done.

Let me know if these instructions help and then I will lock them down in some official capacity.

tried the above and once the auth is done I get sent back to the dashboard - when I select create flickr asset I get the following message: No photos could be found.

I received the same Flickr error as TonyV.

Amazon and YouTube work well.

Nice piece of code. Will you be implementing direct links to individual accounts in YouTube and Flickr too? That would be sweet.

Loaded plugin ok. Flickr: followed config instructions, got auth from Flickr ok, same outcome as tonyv - no photos Amazon: no books. Is this something to do with configuring it for e.g. rather than defaulting to .com? In the old MTAmazon there was a setting for location. YouTube: no probs - looks great, so easy!

Sorry Byrne, I've now found the locale maintenance again and set it to UK! I've also switched on the 1 second delay. But still no books coming back from the search, and no content to the error message, just your fixed text about an error 50 at Amazon.

Amazon Web Service Access Key ID was what I was missing (there's some many Amazon keys....!) - Amazon stuff works fine for me now. Great stuff.

Thanks, Byrne, for this plugin! The additional flickr instructions you provided for Jose appear to have worked for my setup too, but I am not seeing any assets listed for flickr.

One inconsistency I found is that the standard URL for MT to identify the mode has two underscores, but the flickr endpoint should only have one.

In my case your instructions allowed me to setup Flickr on my blog and import my photos as flickr assets that whow in the asset manager. But then I can't insert them either as images or flickr asset files in the entry body. The best thing I get is an embedded IMG tag with a broken URL in the SRC attribute.

Awesome plugin. Can't wait to see what other modules people will come up with. For me to get the auth to finally work I had to use this as the URL


two underscores after the ? and one between flickr and authed. Hope that helps someone that is still having troubles.

Thanks Wilbur - now I've caught up with Jose with the broken link but its getting close!

Still struggling with Amazon. On a local xampp installation it works just fine. On a clean install of MT on my web server (with exact same settings in the plugin and using the same search) I'm seeing "Use of uninitialized value in string eq at ... MTAmazon3/ line 164." I'm no Perl coder but does this mean I have no AWS ID/associateID/locale setting, or there's nothing being returned from Amazon once I select a book?

Duh. If I had thought a bit harder, I would have connected what I was seeing with what was happening. Wilbur is correct (and so is Byrne) regarding the URL that needs to be entered in the flickr api interface in your flickr account. The problem appears to be the MT comments here on the blog substituting the underscores with italicized text. To reiterate what Wilbur said, the correct URL is http://path/to/mt.cgi?[2 underscores]mode=flickr[1 underscore]authed

When you attempt to authorize through the Flickr Authed user in your MT install, it should keep you on the "request authorization from flickr" page, and show a "frob" and a "token." You should not be taken back to the main MT login page.

correcting underscores solved my authed issue. Now when I go to add a flickr asset to a entry my picure does not display in the entry. I can view the picture under the "asset manager" however, when I click the view link within the "asset manager" I get a page not found error.

I've got things working. Two questions:

  1. How can I edit an Amazon asset? Under the manage assets, you have the option to edit the Amazon asset's tags, but I'd like to be able to edit the title, or my description?

  2. I've got the Amazon sidebar working great using tags (like "reading" and "read"). Now I'd like to create a page that contains grid of my Amazon assets (title and image). I think I'd like to do something like this, but I can't get it to work:

Flickr photo is not showing up in my entries, all I get is a place holder with the image name - no picture. Has anyone gotten this to work. Youtube and Amazon work great.


I've tried this, including the double underscore tip, but when I go back to my MT installation for Flickr Authorization, nothing happens after I click the link. I don't get any further instructions.

Two comments:

1) I tried the YouTube one and get this error after I entered a search term: "Can't use string ("Why Leopard is Better Than Vista") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/users/web/b2994/pow.thehutch/htdocs/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/MediaManager/lib/YouTube/ line 97." I'm not sure what to make of that. Is it a setting I need to change?

2) I don't really want to use Flickr or get a Flickr API; is there any way I can turn that off so it isn't offered? I'm not the only author on my blog and I don't want them trying to add a Flickr asset and bugging me.

The Flickr images don't work out of the box if you use a plain embedded image (meaning the popup and link options work). The code is missing that gets the image file itself. I have added that and can supply the changes to Byrne if needed.

Hi Brandon,

Could you please post the changes to ensure the Flickr assets work?

Cheers, Tim


I really look forward to getting this working, it's just what I've been looking for. I'm having some problems, and it might just be because I'm new to MT. I've followed all the instructions to install the beta for MT4 and I have created an amazon asset. I also pasted the template tag sample code into my sidebar. What I see is the last 4 books I've entered, just their pictures, no title or reviews. Ultimately I would like to have in my sidebar the last 10 or so book titles, with book covers, book ratings, and a one sentence review. How can I accomplish this with your plugin? It seems as if that is what it is designed to do, yet I can't quite figure it out. Thanks...


I don't know whether it's me doing something wrong or not, but in MT 4.1, the Flickr Authorisation link doesn't appear in my profile. The plug-in's loading and I've entered the Flick API key and secret into the system preferences, but there's no link.

I discovered this today too. Media Manager needs to be updated to work with MT4.1.

This plugin works well with my MT4.1 installation. Useful information and/or workaround posted above helped me smooth landing.

On 4.1 I do not have any of the links for authed from the profile. If I type the mode in the URL, I can request authentication from Flickr, and a token is listed, but when I try to create a Flickr asset, I get

The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

Hi there, I am testing MM2.0b2 on MTOS4.2en-rc5 and I've noticed what follows:

1) the settings for Flickr/YouTube are available on the general Plugin tab only (and not for each blog).

2) once I specified all the required API keys at system level, in my user profile (I'm a Blog Administrator) I cannot see the "Flickr Auth" link.

3) Everything works well with Amazon/YouTube Assets.

I have carefully followed the instructions on

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Regards, --Federico

Hi, I'm new with MT (using v 4.23) and spent several hours trying to get Media Manager to work. I tried Media Manger 2.0 beta 2, but was getting an error: "Undefined subroutine &MediaManager::Util::debug called". After failing to find the problem I uninstalled 2.0 and installed 1.1. Install seemed to go fine, however "Edit My Media Queue: link does not appear on the blog home page. The only time I actually can see this link is in the "Create Blog" screen where it is displayed in the "Actions" sidebar, and when I click on that I get a 404.

Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated.

When I try to add an Amazon asset I get the following error:

Statement has no result columns to bind (perhaps you need to successfully call execute first) at /cgi-bin/mt/extlib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/ line 119.

Any idea what might cause this problem?

Statement has no result columns to bind (perhaps you need to successfully call execute first) at /cgi-bin/mt/extlib/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/ line 119

I'm highly interested in debugging this line, but debug mode doesn't seem to work in my movable type installation. At any rate, what does the above line mean?


I was using MediaManager with MT v3.3. I just upgraded to MT v4.25 and installed the beta of MediaManager. I had about 175 books in my old version of Media Manager. In the new version, under Assets, I don't see any of the books. Looks like MT is handling things differently... I can see that my books are still in the mt_mediamanager database table. Is there any way to bring my books into the new tables aside from re-entering everything manually?

Thanks! ~T

It should upgrade you automatically if I am not mistaken. If it doesn't work, then its a bug, but you may very well need to do it manually because I can't promise I have time to fix the bug quickly.

Yay! I finally got the flickr tool working. For some reason, the options don't show up under my profile, but I navigated to the page manually with the url _mode=flickrauth

Once there I figured out the callback setup at Flickr too.

So, make sure there are two underscores before mode!

Hey Albert, I had to do exactly what you did, manually navigate to the url _mode=flickrauth and then follow the prompts.

However, things still don't work! I keep getting /hash(0x9aa6128/ where the flickr user id should be in the asset url (this I fixed by putting my actual user id into the file where the variable was listed) and second, and most frustrating, not all of my Flickr Photo sets show up!

Anyone got any ideas?

Also, I still can't get the Amazon Asset to work. I can search Amazon, select the book, then I get the following message when I click next.

"An error occurred close Statement has no result columns to bind (perhaps you need to successfully call execute first)"

Is MM2B2 borked on MT4.3? Beta 1 works perfectly, but with Beta 2, the asset manager won't work and returns a 500 premature-end-of-script error.

My apologies. It was my xampp/perl installation that was borked.

Using MT Pro 4.25, I just installed Media Manager beta. It seems to be configured properly with my Flickr and Amazon API keys, but.... it's not working.

When I try to do a search for Flickr, Amazon or YouTube items, I get a "File does not exist:" error message.

I'm also not seeing the Flickr auth link in my account.


I have the same thing as Adam G. When I type a search for Amazon I get a blank box. If I click continue I receive an error. There is nothing after the : as a response.

Error reading response from Amazon. It is possible that Amazon returned an HTTP Status of 500 due to an intermittent problem on their end. Here is the content of their response:

Apparently, this problem (mentioned by Kevin) is related to new requirements by Amazon, and the plugin will need to be updated.

I'm experiencing the same issue. ;(

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