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This past year at Six Apart has been one of the best years of my professional career. The Movable Type team has risen to meet amazing challenges, and has helped to spur a renaissance within the Movable Type community: never has our ProNet community been more active, and never have so many unique, useful and powerful plugins been created on such a regular basis. But what is especially interesting to me is to see how the Movable Type team has been increasingly involved with other innovative Internet technologies that Six Apart helps to build and promote - from OpenID, to memcached, to OpenSocial, to opening up the social graph, to perlite, to building innovative and beautiful applications for the iPhone, and so much more.

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But this year for me has been all about Movable Type, and never have I been more proud of a product. We have achieved so much, but nothing says "success" more to me then your CEO telling you that we need to hire more people to work on Movable Type. That just happened. And it feels great.

So if you are someone who would like to help contribute to an amazing product, an amazing team, and an amazing company then we want to hear from you. Currently we have a number of positions open:

If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions - feel free to contact me directly.


Doh! Now you tell me just as I'm about to start a Perl job down here.

@seth - it's never too late, and its never a better time! :) twisting your arm

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