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Regarding Enclosures

Excellent and detailed analysis of Movable Type's support for podcasting and enclosures. Movable Type can definitely improve - there is no doubt - but it is good to see some root cause analysis of Geek News Central's issues posted about previously.

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Can you prove a murder without a body?

Are you serious?! Hans Reiser will be tried without ever having found the body of the person he allegedly murdered? Will this honestly be a hard defense? "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, my client might have killed the victim. But then again, she might also be alive. Is it reasonable for anyone to think that she *might* be alive?" Or whatever. But come on.

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Plant Gel vs Ant Gel

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A Home from the Solar Decathlon

The home focused on the concept of passive energy and was designed essentially as a box with three layers - an outer layer of oak, louvered screens that generate electricity with photovoltaic energy, a middle layer consisting of energy efficient walls and windows, and an interior core that houses the kitchen, bathroom and the majority of the building systems.

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Tim O'Reillly on "Mark Cuban, Facebook, and OpenSocial"

"I think Amazon is the only company that really understands that we're in the process of building an internet operating system, and is building services with the depth and power that will be required to create the next generation of computer applications. [snip] (I take that back. I think Six Apart gets it.)"

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LEGO Indiana Jones

Please be released to OS X. Please be released to OS X. Please be released to OS X. Please be released to OS X.


Details On The Open Source Version Of Movable Type | Compiler from

Wired is starting to piece together a lot of different details about MTOS...

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US House Resolution 333

Rarely does a house bill get me so excited.

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