Decoding BSG's Last Supper

Entertainment Weekly just released an issue featuring a two page tableau and poster made for the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica. The image purportedly contains clues to the secrets season four promises to reveal. Arin and I always enjoyed debating and decoding the old Sopranos posters and this is no different. So I figure I might ruminate a bit on Battlestar's cryptic poster as well as what is in store for Season Four; and in the process perhaps stir up some debate.

Battlestar Last Supper

I can't promise there will be no spoilers, but I can say I know precious little. What I do know I have only gathered from the text of the poster above and the Season 4 trailer.

1. Two Sixes - Yet another incarnation of Six will be in Season 4. It is interesting though that in the poster she is standing next to the President and Tigh -- perhaps insinuating an alignment of agendas? It seems to me though that Athena is afraid of the new Six. Has Sharon truly turned her back on her true nature?

2. President and Adama divided - the President and Admiral are at opposite ends of the table perhaps indicating that they will again be at odds this season.

3. Starbuck Feared - Let's see, how will the fleet respond when Starbuck, who was clearly killed, returns without a scratch? Will people believe her to be a cylon? Absolutely. Will she be imprisoned? Probably. Will people be willing to follow her nonetheless? At least Anders will - he desperately wants her to be a cylon so he will feel less alone. What about the audience? We know from Razor that she is prophesized to lead "humanity to the end." But the end of what? The end of a journey, or the end of humanity itself. Prophecies are cryptic for a reason, but I believe that Starbuck's destiny is ultimately to humanity's benefit.

4. Chief Tormented - How will Chief cope this season now that his greatest fear has been confirmed? And why is Cally not seen with him? I think they are in for some rocky times as Chief is plunged into depression because he hates himself and fears for what he might do to his wife and child.

5. Baltar will be redeemed - I believe Ron Moore would like nothing more then to fuck with our heads and make us think twice about the character we all love to hate. I think the irony of Baltar as a character will be that not only is he more or less responsible for the annihilation of the entire human race, but he will also be the source of its salvation.

6. "All this has happened before..." - and before the end of the season, it will be clear that it indeed will happen all over again. I believe that perhaps the destiny of many will be to ensure that the cycle continues. Perhaps though, some will believe that the cycle must be stopped and brought to a final conclusion.

7. Cylons and Humans united - this whole series has pitted Cylon against Human, bad guys against good guys, but Ron Moore believes that nothing is ever so black and white. Season Four will culminate in the realization that in order to survive Humans and Cylons must unite and that accept that neither can truly exist without the other. After all, "the shape of things to come" is a human-cylon hybrid.

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Two Sixes? Sorry, but I see only one Six. The woman between Roslyn and Tigh is the other Cylon (D'Anna Biers / Number 3)

sunxez - Um no. That is not #3, that is another 6. Read the captions.

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  • sunxez - Um no. That is not #3, that is another 6. Read the captions. ...

  • Two Sixes? Sorry, but I see only one Six. The woman between Roslyn and Tigh is the other Cylon (D'Anna Biers / Number 3) ...